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What We Offer


All counselling sessions are 60 minutes in duration with the initial appointment being up to 90 minutes. There is no additional extra cost for this extra half hour however please allow yourself time so as to make the most of this session.
Medicare and Private Health Care Fund rebates may be available

There is no GST applied to counselling

In some circumstances a lower fee may be negotiated depending on your capacity to pay.

On site visits may apply if enough notice is provided. Travel costs apply. This will include 80c per km plus $95.00 per half hour of travel.



Individual face to face 60-90 minute session here at Satori or via Zoom if you are unwell or not in the Brisbane region.



Face to face only. 90 minute session.

Family Therapy


Face to face only. 90 minute session.


(Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprogramming)

EMDR comprises of 8 phases of treatment across a number of sessions. Each person will require a plan specific to their needs. It is important to note that a minimum of 1-2 sessions will be 90 minutes in duration.

EMDR Treatment

$190.00 - $240.00

Depending on your individual plan, sessions will be 60-90 minutes in duration.

There are usually a minimum of 1-2 of these sessions as part of EMDR treatment. While these sessions are not optional, they are planned in advance.

Professional Supervision

Supervision is provided either face to face here at Satori or via ZOOM-Pro. All supervision is up to 90 minutes in duration.

Professional Supervision - Govt.


Individual – paid by Govt employer Excluding GST

Professional Supervision - NGO


Individual – paid by Non-Govt employer (+GST)

Professional Supervision - Self


Individual – self funded Including GST

Professional Supervision - Small Group (up to 4)


For honing counselling skills / team building (+ GST)