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Meet Our Team 


Yvonne brings over 17 years of experience as a social worker specializing in death and dying, attachment, and trauma. Prior to this, she dedicated 11 years to assisting young people, individuals, and families within the community, advocating for their rights to enjoy more fulfilling lives. Motivated by her own life experiences and a deep belief in the body's innate healing capabilities, Yvonne established a private practice  which emphasizes well-being over pathology, and is informed by a framework that champions hope, strength, kindness, and the crucial role of therapeutic connection.

As an accredited mental health social worker and certified bereavement practitioner, Yvonne's qualifications are further enriched by training in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Induced After Death Communication (IADC), and Deep Brain Reorienting (DBR). Yvonne is eligible to provide services under mental health care plans with Medicare rebates, and advises clients to consult their private health funds for additional rebate information.


Passionate and dedicated, Nas brings a gentle, trauma focused practice and wealth of experience to Satori Counselling Services.  Nas has been a social worker for seven years, with specialist knowledge, background, and training in working with women who have experienced sexual abuse and violence. Before this Nas trained and worked in the community services sector assisting migrants and refugees. Nas brings empathy, compassion, and cultural sensitivity to her practice, taking a warm non-judgemental approach towards empowering people to find resilience.  Nas is proficient across three languages – English, Farsi, and German, enabling people from these backgrounds a more connected experience in therapy.

Nas is currently working towards mental health accreditation for clients to access rebates.