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Life Transitions

Life transitions that we struggle to navigate can impact our mental health leaving us feeling anxious, overwhelmed, and fearful of what’s ahead.

As we become older, we may realise we have not reached our potential. We may feel melancholy or sadness about where we are in life, or feel we have ‘missed out’ on important aspects of life. We may hold a deep yearning, or confusion about where we find ourselves, or in understanding the feeling of loss that we have not ‘done’ what we thought we would do.

Change that is unexpected or rapid can leave us feeling uncomfortable and bewildered. A new job, a new school or changes in the family such as a child leaving home or a baby entering the home, can be exciting, while at the same time, fill us with doubt or dread.

While adjustment can feel disconcerting and difficult, with care, patience and support, it can lead to resilience and personal growth. Satori offers space for reflection and self-discovery where uncertainty can be replaced with confidence, self- awareness, and wisdom.