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About Counselling at Satori

Social workers as therapists
Social workers as therapists

Satori Counselling Services therapists are social workers and members of the Australian Association of Social Workers.   

Social workers bring a unique perspective and set of skills to their practice. Social workers are trained to consider the social, environmental, and systemic factors that contribute to a person’s well-being.  In other words, they are trained to see the bigger picture as well as what is brought into the room, and understand that people are more than their diagnosis. Many Private Health Funds are now offering rebated sessions for social workers.  

Accredited mental health social workers are specialist practitioners who undergo a minimum of six years training. They hold knowledge and skills in assessing and diagnosing mental health problems and are seen as experts in working with complexity.   A GP can provide a Mental Health Plan under Medicare for rebated sessions where appropriate.  

A therapist who is a social worker studies therapeutic modalities the same as any other discipline, to become proficient in the use of them.  Some of the therapies we use here at Satori include: 

  • EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing),  
  • IFS (Internal Family Systems),  
  • DBR (Deep Brain Reorienting), 
  • Brainspotting, 
  • ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), 
  • Mindfulness, 
  • Narrative Therapy, 
  • IADC – (Induced after death communication)
About The Counselling
About The Counselling

Together we will explore whatever issue you bring into the room, with the understanding that you have complete control of the content and what you wish to share.

We use an integrated model of therapy which is person centred and trauma focused.

We believe in deeply listening to the truth people hold about themselves, and what it is they would like to be different.

Confidentiality is of the utmost importance and more about that is outlined below.

About The Sessions
About The Sessions
Your comfort, felt safety and trust is always considered to be the most important part of any therapy and time here at Satori will always be tailored to the unique needs of each person.  Permission is always asked and all work is an invitation to participate. 
Sessions can be held overlooking the beautiful garden, or sitting outside in it. Walk and talk, arts based therapy, or doggy presence are also some of the options to choose from.   
For people who are unable to manage coming to Satori, telehealth is readily available.  Research has shown that these sessions can be as effective as face to face counselling and can be an ideal option for those who are unwell, or who may have difficulty getting to or accessing the space, or who are interstate or overseas.
About The Space
About The Space

Therapy takes place in a secluded and tranquil ground floor space in a Queenslander workers cottage, 4 km from the city. Big, open, glass doors open onto a lush tropical garden, with the sound of running water from the fishpond nearby. The dogs on the premises do not come into the Satori space unless they are invited to, and if it is appropriate.

Being such a large and airy space means that Satori has been able to keep its doors open throughout the pandemic. Should you be unwell however, it is still advisable to change your appointment to telehealth.

The Satori space includes a private room with a comfortable bed for people who may have a life limiting illness who wish to attend Satori, and who find lying down an easier option.


Having trust that your story is private and confidential is of paramount importance. The Information Privacy Act 2009 (Qld) (IP Act) recognises the importance of protecting personal information and have strict rules or ‘privacy principles’ in relation to how it is collected and stored.

More information can be read by clicking here.

Satori Counselling Services therapists are accredited members of the Australian Association of Social Workers and adhere to the Practice Standards (2023) and Code of Ethics (2020). These documents can be viewed here:

A policy on confidentiality and privacy of information is available and a Client Consent Form is provided to all clients prior to the first session. All clients are required to sign this which outlines the confidentiality policy and fees etc.