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Providing heart-centered therapy to adults, young people, families, couples, and the LGBTQ+ community.

Medicare & Private Health Fund rebates may be available.

Welcome to

Satori Counselling Services

I’m Yvonne and welcome to my website. Satori is a Zen Buddhist word which loosely translates as ‘finding new meaning’. The space I offer supports people who are experiencing all manner of life’s hurdles and pain, without judgement and with love and kindness.

I’ve come to an understanding that how we live our lives, and how we each make meaning of our experience and the hands we are dealt can have significant impacts for us throughout our lives and at the end of our lives. Who we are, how we live, what we have achieve or have not achieved – all builds towards how we see ourselves, how we think others perceive us, and the legacy we leave.

I truly believe that finding peace, developing a strong sense of self and finding our own exceptional and inimitable way to live meaningfully and with purpose is achievable and attainable no matter where we are in our life journey, or what roads we have found ourselves travelling.

Whatever experience or life transition you are navigating I would love to support you in a way that honors your story and encourages you to appreciate, believe and value what you bring to the world.

When you call on 0431 177 155 you will speak to Yvonne.

Counselling and Psychotherapy

Often the word counsellor is interchanged with the word psychotherapy.
While Satori Counselling Services can help you with both, there is a distinction between the two which may be helpful to know:


A helpful non-judgemental way of working through particular issues which are concerning you and or interfering with your life. Counselling can be a single session or longer.


An approach which can support change and growth through exploring life stories and and the connections and meanings we make of them. Psychotherapy is usually a committed undertaking held over a longer period of time